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01-Jul-2016 03:56

These tags point to the latest stable changes that are modifications to the XML Process Template portion of the project--no changes have been made to update the Share Point solutions, Reporting or Documentation.You can actually deploy this to your respective server and have the Workitems, workflow and new TFS 2012/2013 web access features work.You would get “tfs_inst2_Configuration” and so forth. Its kind of like a cluster, but without the pain and suffering.

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If you are installing Reporting Services and Analysis services you can select this option.

If you have feature requests, enhancements, bugs, etc., please post them here on the Code Plex site.

Thanks Brian Project Description Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s application lifecycle management solution.

As to the list of work, it is extensive but not....

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If you are game to contribute, let me know but I will be plugging away at it over the coming weeks/months.When I get onsite the perfect scenario is a clean copy of Windows with all of the Updated installed. not just the ones that have been approved by your WSUS department.