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Silkworth believed that the two primary protectors of health —reason and will power— are of no use against this addiction.

AA was founded by Bill Wilson, a Wall Street stock speculator, and Dr.

A letter written on behalf of the Guardian states, " . It is concerned with solving personal problems, and the final paragraph deals with discussing a problem with the intent of finding a solution.

The Alcoholics Anonymous program seems clearly to be concerned with the solution of the problem as opposed to public confession or confession to seek absolution of sin.

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has instructed us to say that there is no objection to Bahá'ís being members of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is an association that does a great deal of good in assisting alcoholics to overcome their lamentable condition.Since that time, countless addicted people have attributed similar relief to this movement.AA is called a spiritual fellowship by its members, but we are only now beginning to understand the mechanisms that underlie this aspect of recovery.Al-Anon and Alateen are companion programs designed to provide support for relatives and friends of alcoholics.

In the 1930s public opinion saw alcoholism as a moral failing.

If it is a matter that affects the interests of the Faith he should consult with the appropriate Assembly or committee, but individuals have many problems which are purely personal and there is no obligation upon them to take such problems to the institution of the Faith; indeed, when the needs of the teaching work are of such urgency it is better if the friends will not burden their Assemblies with personal problems that they can solve by themselves.